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Friends of the Library

Friends Logo

The Friends of the Port Arthur Public Library is a non-profit, non-political organization, whose purpose is to:

  1. Stimulate public support and encourage extensive use of the facilities.
  2. Interpret the library's needs to better serve the patrons and work to provide these services according to the best of our capabilities.
  3. Provide direct financial assistance.
  4. Stimulate private gifts, memorials, endowments, and bequests.

The Friends sponsor an annual Book Sale and proceeds are used to support numerous activities of the Library. In the past, their donations have funded:

  • Regular funding of supplies and programming for the Children's Summer Reading Program, ~$1000-$1500 (per yr.)
  • Purchase of ST ViewScan II Microfilm Scanner, $8,800+ (’13)
  • Landscaping Project for the Library, $18,000+ ('07)
  • A variety of archival preservation projects, including digital conversion of historical films and tape recordings ('07).
  • Assistance with Continuing Education programs and activities for Library staff. ('06-)
  • Registration for staff attendance to Texas Library Association Annual Conference, $2000+ ('05).
  • Purchase of 1st year's subscription to Ancestry: Library Edition database, $1000 ('05)
  • Purchase of digital microform reader-printer, ~$12,000 ('04).
  • Purchase of shelving for genealogy collection, $2,000+ ('03).
  • Purchase of two microfilm readers, $1,000 ('03).
  • Purchase of computer equipment and software for the GED study lab.
  • Purchase of archival supplies for the Port Arthur History & Archives collections.
  • Donation to the Storybook Christmas effort of Port Arthur Literacy Support (PALS) in conjunction with the United Board of Missions
  • Purchase of new wall covering for the exhibit space in the Lucy Stiefel Gallery.

The Friends also have published "Forty Years of Business Life" by Arthur Edward Stilwell who dreamed Port Arthur and for whom the town was named.

The Friends Board officers are:
Shirley MacNeill, VICE PRESIDENT
Lynne Lange Sutherlin, SECRETARY
Pam Chichowski, TREASURER

The Friends of the Port Arthur Public Library may be contacted at: