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Port Arthur Public Library gratefully accepts donations to purchase books or other library materials in memory of deceased loved ones or in honor of living friends and relatives. The Library Staff is careful to select appropriate materials in accordance with its Collection Development Policy. The following information is requested to make the donation process work:

  • Date of Donation
  • Amount of Donation
  • Name of the deceased or individual to be honored
  • Name and Address of person to be notified (next of kin/other)
  • Name and Address of donor
  • Suggested subject, if desired (or indicate "undesignated") on back of form

You may mail the Memorials form to the library.

Direct donations of books or other materials as Memorials

The Library only accepts "Mint Condition" or "As New" books/materials for memorials and these must be reviewed prior to final acceptance. The Library may already own one or more copies of a title and each donation is accepted only in accordance with our Collection Development Policy.

Requests for specific titles as Memorials

Due to space limitations and the Library's goal of making a larger variety of information available it is preferable to avoid asking for a specific title.  If a specific title is requested please give alternates and permission to select from a subject area if the title does not fit with our Collection Development Policy.